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Lymphatic Diseases

Treat disorders, like Lymphoedema that directly affect the components of the Lymphatic System, is crucial to keeping a healthy body.



Medical definition

Lymphoedema (lymphatic obstruction) is the most common of the lymphatic diseases and is observed in varying degrees of severity. These clinical conditions are rare; however, they may cause considerable suffering and disability (for example the clinical condition of elephantiasis).


Lymphoedemas are traditionally classified as idiopathic or as primary and secondary lymphoedemas. Primary lymphoedemas are congenital, more common amongst women and are frequently associated with other congenital differences. Secondary lymphedemas result from the obstruction of lymphatic drainage due to cancer, infectious disease, or post-surgical or post-radiotherapeutical diseases.


Treatment is conservative and is based fundamentally on the use of compression stockings, anti-orthostatic suspension and the application of a regime of mechanical and intermittent external compression. Surgical treatment is inconsistent and controversial.